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Czajka Mateusz Website I design
websites, online stores,
front-end and back-end

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I make

Lightweight and optimized business card pages, adapted to mobile devices. In the case of websites where frequent change of content is not required, the ideal solution is static pages - pure HTML code without unnecessary Javascript or PHP code. Another plus of static pages is the speed and loading time. We have the ability to limit the amount of code and queries to the server, to the necessary minimum

Websites created on the Wordpress content management system. The user has the option of editing each element on the website, creating new subpages, managing the photo gallery and much more. Wordpress is easy to use, unlike other systems does not require knowledge of HTML or PHP. It is ideal for novice users. The script has many available plugins, which allows you to customize it from a simple website to advanced portals.

Online stores on Prestashop software adapted to mobile devices, fully compliant with RODO, optimized for search engines. Their functionality allows you to conduct online sales without restrictions. Each store graphic design is developed individually for the client's needs.

Web applications using the Laravel framework. Dedicated systems are created for the client's needs, contain functionalities that meet business requirements, without additional unnecessary solutions.

Sometimes the product description and photo are not enough to fully present the specification of the item. WebGL - a JavaScript extension that provides access to the three-dimensional API, we are able to present the object in 3D technology.
I create 3D models in Blender software and present them on the website. It gives us the ability to rotate, scale, animate objects and much more. I use Babylon.js for this type of tasks. The above game demo is an example of this type of solution.

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Czajka Design Architect

Creating a website for Czajka Design.


Autoglass Lomza

Creating a website for Autoglass Lomza.


Pozarski Budownictwo

Creating a website for Pozarski Budownictwo.


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