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About me

Czajka Mateusz

Few words about me

I am a graduate of the university Politechnika Białostocka. I create websites, online stores and front-end and back-end applications. Programming is my passion. I like to take on new challenges, create custom projects that stand out from other template solutions.

I'm interested in 3D graphics and the creation of web applications using the three-dimensional API. In my free time I create mini games, 2d - using the Phaser.js library, and 3d - using the Babylon.js library

I started learning programming by learning C language and the WinApi library, which gives the possibility to create window applications for Windows. Another programming language in which I had the opportunity to code was Java. The application design was the subject of defense of engineering work entitled "Vehicle fleet management using GPS", dedicated for mobile devices with Android system. In a nutshell, mobile devices equipped with GPS took geographical coordinates, then sent them to the server to display user routes on the Google map, using the Google Maps API.

As you can see, I try to familiarize myself with every technology to offer my services in the best possible way. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact me.

Czajka Mateusz